Younger partner - advantages and disadvantages, half-jokingly, half-seriously

I decided that from time to time, I would let you dear reader look into my private life. Let you get to know me better.

Today, I confess to you that I have a much younger partner and half-joke, half-seriously tell you about the pros and cons of such a relationship.

As most of you guess, this is the Youngy, which I have mentioned many times in previous posts. And now you know why Youngy :), because he is 12 years younger than me. I think that it may shock some people, so when you collect your jaws from the floor, I invite you to read on;)

Young appeared in my life somewhere about a year ago. We met at work. For a long time, he was just a "homie" to me. I admit that I saw his puppy eyes, but apart from that, I stroked my ego with it, I didn't care much about it. By the time...

One day I will tell you how it happened that he stole my heart, but for now, let's focus on the pros and cons of a relationship with a much younger guy.

I will start with flaws because I don't like to end posts pessimistically;)

1. Lack of understanding about household orders. For the Youngy it is something insignificant, a waste of time that could be used to do more exciting things.

I admit that when I was his age, I thought the same ... Now I change into Tereska (this is my mother).

And that would be enough of the negatives.

Let's get to the advantages:

1. Spontaneity. Which is what I often lacked in relationships with older men, they like planning. With Youngy it is like: we come up with the idea and implement it. For example, once at 23:00, we found that it would be nice to listen to the sound of the sea waves. After an hour and a hook, we had the sea in sight.

2. Assistance in technological matters. And here I will give an example literally from a moment ago. I am writing this post, I suddenly hit a key accidentally and boom all the text disappeared, and I do not see the "undo" icon anywhere. Panic! And Youngy, clicked something and the whole text returned to its place (so that it is not that I am not learning from it, it was CTRL + z)

3. I understand more youth slang;)

4. I go to concerts more often.

5. I do things that I didn't do because I thought I was no longer in a position.

6. I feel younger, and I look like that too;)

7. And such a young radiator warms up well at night :)

I could still exchange it, but unfortunately, time is chasing me. So dear girls, if you are lucky that you have attracted the younger man, then go for it, of course, if you are free; P

xoxo, Jagodzianka

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