You didn't know that about me

Hi guys, today I will tell you some interesting facts about me that you might not expect from me.

Fun fact number one I was a dancer, actress and TV presenter. Surprised? When I attended high school, I took part in a dance and theatre group. I love to dance, but at one point, I focused more of my energy in the theatre. In time, I was also asked to keep local news. What wonderful times it was. Of course, as a teenager, I often complained about extra activities because they interfered with my teenage life, but I loved it anyway. The stage taught me openness, helped me overcome many fears, a beautiful adventure. One of my stage friends at the time is currently an actor. I remember the pride I felt when I saw him on the big screen for the first time. My professor, Mrs Maria, instilled in me the love of theatre. I am very grateful for that. It got a bit nostalgic, so I will tell you an anecdote about appearing in local news. Once I had to repeat the shot a trillion times, because I couldn't control my laughter, it was something about stealing a chicken. I don't know why it made me laugh

Fun fact number two

I'm interested in esoteric. I know a lot about numerology, I am fascinated by tarot, I have my crystals. Interest in magic and all mystical themes began in my childhood. There was a time when I visited the local crystal shop quite often. Once I had a tarot reading done, a lot of what I asked about came true. I approach these matters with a distance, but it is fascinating to me. I love stories about ghosts, miracles and unexplained phenomena. When I was little, I forced my mother to watch "X files". It shouldn't be a surprise that I love horror movies. For those who are like me, I recommend Netflix series "The Haunting of Hill House". If anyone has something worth seeing, please write in the comments. And now a task for you! Write in the comment two interesting facts about yourself. Let's get to know each other better;) Have a nice day, xoxo Jagodzianka

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