Woman, stop being a maid!

Talking with my girlfriends, I noticed that many of us have a similar problem. Namely, housework, which we have to deal with every day alone, because who if not us. Well, what about guys? Why is it that a woman is supposed to make dinner, wash dishes, scrub the toilet, vacuum, wash, fold, etc.?

The answer is simple because we take it on our shoulders. At the beginning of the relationship, we try to show so much what superpowers we do have, and at the same time, we teach our husbands, boys, lovers that we will always do everything ourselves. And now a question for you, ladies: do you like it? I confess - I don't like, and I would like to use the help. Our partners, however, are not always eager to help; they are continually coming up with new excuses and ways to avoid responsibility for household duties, which are, shared.

Browsing the web and inferring from conversations with my friends, the most common conclusion was that we owe ourselves, but is it always? Well, no, sometimes part of the blame is borne both by our mothers and mothers of our partners, who raised in specific schemes, teach us that this is how it should be - a woman is to take care of a partner and home, and he is to ensure a prosperous life. No cramps, but today's reality is entirely different. After all, we work professionally; we often earn more than a partner, so why do we still live in a scheme straight from the 50s of the last century?

I know, there are a million of these women's thoughts in the network, and some of us are lucky that their partner actually participates in housework, but a large group is still waging a ramp. I tried myself many times to fight for this "home justice", but unfortunately I made unsuccessful attempts. And they were ineffective because, at the beginning, I always habituate my partners to good, and only later, I tried to enforce their commitment to household duties. And there was a revolt here every time. Therefore, dear ladies, let's act immediately. If he says "I can't cook," offer him cooking together and let him learn. Could you learn I assure you, he can too! You don't need a tit pair of boobs to be a chef; all you need is a sense of taste and an internet full of recipes! If he carried mud out of the court, let him grab the mop and clean up after himself. If he needs an ironed shirt, let him embrace it! If you are sick, let him take care of you. If he is sick, take care of him.

My beloved women let not allow our free time, which we could use for our hobby, to take away for domestic duties. Well, unless it's your passion, then I don't have questions, and get this mop and fly on it. But if you feel that you have enough, start fighting for your free time. Consider with your partner what division of duties would work in your situation. Share fairly. And live happily ever after!

XOXO, Jagodzianka

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