Where to get Paella? El Glop!

The El Glop tavern is located in Barcelona, ​​and this is where I directed my steps to try the traditional Spanish paella.

The tavern's decor is kept in a traditional Catalan tone, the tables are arranged close to each other, but there is no problem with privacy.

When I crossed the threshold of this restaurant, I immediately felt at home, probably influenced by the friendly service, and cosy and inviting interior. The gentleman in the picture below was cooking our paella.

I visited restaurants in the afternoon and I have to admit that there are a lot of people there at the time, but it was not a big problem to get a table without a reservation. If someone is looking for a quiet place, El Glop will not be one. I was very happy with this Spanish buzz, which I was looking for in Barcelona, ​​among other things. You had to wait for food for a while, but it's worth it for such delicacies. In the meantime, I enjoyed the white wine recommended by the restaurant.

When I saw a waiter heading towards us with a steaming dish, I was surprised by a huge portion, even if it was supposed to be for two people, it was really a lot.

When I took the first bite, I already knew that I would write about this restaurant in great terms.

Heaven in the mouth. Paella in El Glop looks beautiful and tastes even better. I heartily recommend this restaurant.

My friend and I sending you kisses.



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