When I'm in a bad mood, he takes me to sushi

Good morning, I have neglected my Saturday posts about a meal, today I am catching up, and I promise that it will be regular now.

Everyone sometimes has a bad mood, and it was a day when I was on vacation in Warsaw. I woke up, and everything was on. Coffee too weak, toast burned, and the sun did not shine as brightly as I would like. Well, those days when we are our demotivators, and besides, we make life difficult for others; unfortunately, they occur few times a year, the worst when such a day comes on our vacation. It got to me, but luckily I had the Youngy with me. He knows perfectly well what to do in such situations. He pulled me out for a walk around the Old Town and took me to OTO! Sushi for dinner, a restaurant located in the New World.

I love sushi, although I once swore that I would never take raw fish in my mouth, now it is on the list of my favourite dishes. And at OTO! Sushi, they serve delicious morsels.

In general, the restaurant is highly recommendable, friendly staff, delicious food, pleasant interior and affordable prices. So when you are in Warsaw, and you feel like it, I recommend it!

Below are the stages of improving humour with the help of sushi:

As we notice in the first photo, the look of the killer and the grimace of the spoiled girl.

And after eating, please: eyes are laughing, dimples occur, and smile from ear to ear. Youngy, my man knew what he was doing :)

And this is craziness!

And greed...

Oh, sushi, thank you very much for the delicious, humorous treats.

Enjoy your Saturday, sweethearts,

xoxo Jagodzianka

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