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You can be sure of two things in life. The first is that everything changes, the other is that one day we will die. Changes take place around us whether we like it or not. Most people are afraid of them, at the same time closing themselves in the box well known to them schemes. They live in fear of reaching for their dreams, sometimes afraid of even dreaming. For a long time, I have been convinced that I am striving to realize my dreams, but it was interesting to me that the closer I got to the goal, the less happy I felt. Leaving the safe harbour of the comfort zone was not easy for me, because it involved a large dose of pain and anxiety. Before I finally managed to go beyond comfort, I leaned forward slightly, feeling my heart rate accelerate, but the fear of the unknown was stronger and quickly pulled me back.

But the moment came when I said to myself: now or never and I started to live! I am slowly realizing those dreams that would seem unattainable to me three months ago. I was thinking of a scheme imposed by society: you are 33 years old, you must now catch your husband, give birth to children, get serious ... yes, but what if I am more drawn to travel than to parenting? Exactly. That is why I covered my ears, closed my eyes and, not paying attention to public opinion, began to implement my plans, I stopped supplying the schematic way of the so-called obligation.

Although travels have been dreaming of me since my childhood, unfortunately, I do not have too many countries to my credit. When I lived in Poland, I just could not afford it, later when I left for England I was able to afford, but I tried to implement social schemes, so most of the money went there, and travel was still in the realm of dreams, no wonder that approaching goals that have distracted me from my desires have made me miserable.

If you want to explore the world with me, having fun at concerts, do crazy things, then I invite you to read my blog. I will post here photos of travels, concerts and other events in which fate will allow me to participate. I will recommend interesting places and advise against those that are not worth entering. If this topic interests you, give me a sub and have fun with me.

💋 Jagodzianka

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