We went back in time


Who of you remembers the times of the PRL? I don't remember, and Young is not at all, that's why we decided to move in time. Fortunately, the time machine was not needed; it was enough to go to Piękna Street in Warsaw.

Fiat 126p , you don't have to say anything more, it was a car ...

Baby stroller with shopping net. Red, because it's faster. It is matching with my shoes.

"Conversation controlled" in the PRL there was no question of sexy talking on the phone.

Calendar of my birth year. And this Remoska, the dream of every housewife.

That's what I remember, kindergarten.

I watched a fascinating film about Colorado potato beetle.

And finally, the cosmetics of the PRL.

It was great to go back in time, and I recommend the Museum of Life in the PRL at Piękna Street in Warsaw.

Smile the weekend is right there.

xoxo, Jagodzianka

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