Vampire tales. Chapter 5. Holidays, holidays, and after holidays.

I'm not a winter lover, but December is one of my favourite months of the year. Of course, this is influenced by the holidays. I love decorating my apartment and giving it a festive atmosphere, full of flickering lights and fancy Christmas decorations. Despite my vampirism, I continued to cultivate human habits.

This year, however, I did not feel the magic of Christmas. I indeed decorated the apartment, cheerful Christmas melodies sounded everywhere, and yet somehow there was no magic in it. The fever of Christmas shopping did not catch me too much. Every night I went to the blood plant to sweat my brow and fill orders for luxurious blood mixtures that smelled of spices. The bottling plant's atmosphere wasn't very festive either. Only the smells of spices wafting here and there reminded us that Christmas was just around the corner. All vampires worked with doubled strength, counting on bonuses. Some complained that the bonuses were too small, others quite the contrary. Superiors were determined to break new records, and therefore more and more stringent rules were introduced. Everyone felt the pressure, and that was not the slightest improvement in the atmosphere. In my personal life, it was also somehow nervous. Besides, it was another Christmas that I was supposed to spend without my immediate family. Finally, one day I had a complete breakdown. It just happened in the bottling plant. I started to cry out like a little girl but quickly found myself under one of my superiors' care. It was a totally positive surprise. Having learned about the whole event, my friends from the bottling plant took great care of me. And then miracles began to happen. Suddenly the magic of the holidays started to return. Together with my friends, we made cookies, which we then decorated with passion, sipping mulled blood wine, and all this to Christmas hits' accompaniment.

I enjoyed a video chat with my mother when she received a package with modest presents from me. However, there was still a shadow, I was still pissed at my beloved, who, wanting to advise me well, hurt my feelings a lot. My pride was so offended that I wanted to spend Christmas alone. But the stubbornness of the vampire in love with me was more potent than my pout. Ultimately, I spent Christmas with my beloved and his loved ones. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was magical, and I found lots of beautiful gifts under the Christmas tree. There were also conversations with my mother, who unfortunately got the virus raging in the world. Fortunately, the disease was relatively mild. It was a good Christmas. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end quickly, and soon I returned to work, where the atmosphere was still nervous. Some vampires complained about overeating, others complained that the holiday break was too short, and some were in a happy mood. I preferred to be with the joyful ones because you know the spirit does spread, but it was not always possible. It must be admitted, however, that everyone tried to be understanding towards his companions. After the first night at work, there was one more surprise waiting for us. Namely, there was snow blizzard outside. I was thrilled because I hadn't seen snow for a long time. The prospect of the walk seemed terrific. Unfortunately, the snowstorm force was gaining momentum, and soon I wished I could find myself in a warm apartment. The last week of the year passed surprisingly quickly, but it left me feeling tired.

On New Year's Eve, I didn't feel like having a crazy party. I dreamed of a cup of hot tea, a comfortable tracksuit and a good book.

Nevertheless, I spent that night with my beloved and his relatives. It was fun, we enjoyed the delicacies and sipped bloody drinks. At midnight, we opened the champagne and watched the broadcast of the fireworks shows in London. It was touching. We welcomed the New Year with joy and hope. Holidays, holidays and after holidays, you might say.

Nevertheless, I wish all of us that Christmas's magic would accompany us more often because we create this magic ourselves. I have made New Year's greetings many times, but it will not hurt again. I wish you health, optimism and love. Surround yourself with kind people and be like that yourself!


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