Vampire Tales. Chapter 1. About Power.

I'm a Vampire and I work at the Bottling Plant of blood. I do not come from a family of noble Vampires, I was once a human, but one day I was served as lunch for a wealthy gentleman. He didn't completely suck my blood out, and this is why I become who I am. I don't know what his motives were. Maybe he wasn't that hungry, or maybe my blood was bitter despite the sweet smell. He had power over me. He was the decision-maker.

The power given in the wrong hands can end the world. I have witnessed the use of power for the good of society, and I have also seen its abuse. There are beings with an exuberant vampire ego that is not reflected in reality. These are probably the worst. They can cleverly manipulate other Bloodsuckers as well, as situations and then slip into the chair of power to rule stupidly and heartlessly. Yes, I know Vampires shouldn't have a soul, but I can assure you, there are empaths among us. The foolish rulers start off with a little malice. An example is a story from the Bottling plant of blood. One vampire, with his tricks, nodding and sucking on the team leaders, gained a higher position. That's when hell began for many of us. Arranging leave, leaving work early ... First, consent, and then a change of mind, under any pretext. Yes, dear, there have been reprimands for doing only 100% of the norm, because yesterday your score was 101%. Cases such as friends being separated so that they cannot spend breaks together. And so slowly, their toxic nature spreads over all their subordinates, killing the joy of life, and a nice atmosphere. It is a tragedy, however, when such a stupid ruler gets into the position of the Vampire Council. Then not only the bottling society suffers, but the entire vampire world. And I lived to see the times when the dictatorship was introduced. The goblet of bitterness, already filled to the brim, spilt out. We rebelled, we took to the streets. We marched day and night, ignoring the sun's rays that might burn us. We covered ourselves tightly and the revolution began. Because bad power must be overthrown for the good of the majority. End of dictatorship! We will not give up! This is war! The similarities of events, places and people are totally random.

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