Udon noodle bar & restaurant

Good morning,

As it is Saturday, it will be about food. Today it will be about Udon, a restaurant famous for Chinese cuisine.

During our vacation in Barcelona, we could not miss a visit to the shopping centre. Both Youngy and I love shopping, and as you know, shopping can make you hungry. And feeling that way, we went to the Udon restaurant. Quite a pleasant place, although it resembled a canteen more than a restaurant, it is probably the so-called minimalism.

I didn't feel like meat that day, that's why I chose a noodle with vegetables in a delicious sauce, a Youngy -  meat-eater ordered chicken. My dish met all my expectations, the vegetables were cooked exactly how I like it. Everything perfectly seasoned.

Youngy, like me, was happy with his choice. he particularly admired the chicken coating, which was not only perfectly seasoned but also wonderfully crispy.

The Udon restaurant is perfect for a quick lunch in a shopping centre, but it is not typical for a date, as there is no privacy here.

XOXO Jagodzianka

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