Tales of the Vampire. Chapter 4. Vogue

Some time ago, I heard from a friend that I became a snob who admired high-end brands in the fashion industry. Well, my friend is somewhat right, because my approach to fashion has changed. I used to think it was better to have more than less. Now I prefer to spend more, unfortunately, less often, but on something what is more than clothes.

One might think that I am using clichés here, but fashion contributes to the style—the unique style of a vampire unit that wants to express itself by creating outfits. You might think about how a vampire working in a blood bottling plant can afford such purchases. Well, as I said, somewhat rarely, but you can hunt good bargains, sometimes at a surprisingly low price. My favourite elements of an outfit are accessories. I love shoes, handbags, belts, hats and gloves. I remember that when I bought my first decent purse, I did not part with it. I was able to fit it into any configuration of clothes. Fashion is fascinating. Sometimes it surprises me with its creativity, and sometimes it overwhelms me with its simplicity and elegance. I have a few gems in my wardrobe, which is in contact with the skin electrify with a sense of luxury, which is not an indicator of wealth. To quote Coco Chanel: "Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. But it is not. It's the opposite of vulgarity."

I will have Chanell one day, Coco, or rather Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel has always intrigued me. I have read a few of her biographies and have another one—the legendary Coco. If I manage to go to Paris this year, I will go to where the legend lived and created. I don't think I will become a billionaire by then, but I will buy a red lipstick there, my Paris Chanel souvenir. Today, fashion is more than just clothes; it is art, a lifestyle, and even medicine. This begs me a question: is it worth to follow fashion blindly? I will answer, no! You don't follow fashion, You look for elements and creating a style out of it. Coco used to say: Fashion passes, style remains. Each of us has our colour, fragrance, taste and movement. Something unique that has been associated with us over the years. Coco Chanel used to say that "A woman who doesn't have her favourite perfume is like a woman with no future" and "the best colour is the one that looks good on you. It took me a while to find my favourite perfume, but I have one. About colours looking good on me, I would say reds, classics and purples. Awfully vampire must-haves. What do you think about fashion?

love xoxo

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