Tales of the Vampire. Chapter 3.

I woke up early; even the alarm clock was still asleep. I looked at my watch; it was 6. - Great! - I thought, - It will be a wonderful day! I muttered sleepily and headed towards the kitchen. I put the bagel in the toaster and shuffled into my dressing- living room, to get fresh blood from the fridge full of adrenaline and something for breakfast. Yes, my fridge fits in the room, and it is not the result of modern interior design. I mean yeah don't ask, but you know I tell anyway. How could I even know, right? That refrigerators come in various sizes and that this particular model will be 3 mm too wide for my kitchenette? Three flipping mm! Do you understand?! But let's get to the point. It has some advantages; I mean that fridge in the room. But, let's get back to the subject. So I poured the blood into a tall glass, made myself a hot cheese and ham bagel, and went back to bed. I was about to make myself comfortable when I suddenly tripped over my leg and spilt some bloody drink on the freshly changed white sheets. - Shit! I growled under my breath as I put my glass and bagel on the bedside table. As soon as I removed the pillowcases and duvets, I threw them into the laundry basket and decided that it would be safer to sit at the desk. I sat back in my chair, took a sip of blood, and turned on my laptop. I checked the US vampire council election, but they kept counting the votes. So I googled Crynance and froze.

Now, an introduction would do well. So there you go.

As you probably already know, I work in a blood bottling plant; I'm a vampire and that stuff. Recently, I suffered a health impairment, so I had to go on sick leave. As you know, such a break from work is quite expensive, but it was not terrible for me, as there is Crynance. However, my charts, drawn the previous evening meticulously, did not predict such a move by Crewcoin. Fortunately, I was able to get out without losing all of my capital. I took another sip of the already slightly warm blood, grimaced because I like cold blood the most. "It's a beautiful day indeed ..." I muttered sarcastically.

I looked at my watch it was 8 o'clock. I took my Vphon and called the vampire clinic. After a while I heard the machine's voice - Your phone is our priority. Unfortunately, all operators are busy at the moment. Please be patient. You're first in line. '' I rolled my eyes, but to my surprise, the operator spoke at that moment. The matter was settled quickly and without any problems. - Well, at least one thing I did today. I said disconnecting. I admit that the poor stock market game made my mood low, and consequently, I began to question my ability to learn technical analysis. As a pessimistic vampire, I started to sabotaging myself, and it made me feel even worse. My Vi phone pulled me out of the crowd of black thoughts. "Hello ..." I said in a suffering voice. - Hey, what's up, are you up yet? - he asked

- yep. I said, What's up? Did you see what happened with Crewcoin? - Well, baby, we could have predicted it, considering the States' elections - he said as an expert. - Well, but don't worry, there will be a new opportunity.

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