Tales of the Vampire. Chapter 2. The limits of the absurd.

Life can be absurd, just like in a comedy-drama. Recently I have had such an absurd day or a night. The level of absurdity grew so high, that I was laughing and tears streaming down my cheeks. I don't know what those tears were - the funny ones, or maybe a little sad? Let's take for the fact that the tears were just salty.

I recently had a drama with my friend. Before I tell you about it, I will introduce you to my work environment. It is a bottling plant of blood. Apart from the fact that it contains supplies of all blood types, is also a meeting place for a large group of vampires from various backgrounds, with very diverse views, from many corners of the world. The work itself is so boring that everyone tries to break the routine in some way, mostly by engaging in conversation. Often these conversations are personal and just as often twisted they circulate like legends around the unfortunate building. Well, now to the point, my conversation with someone becomes a rumour with twisted sense. In the crowd of people, there was only one with whom I had this conversation. I figured the Vampire must have started the rumour. So I stopped talking to her. Soon, however, I received information about others involved in the practice. So as soon as possible, I apologize her for behaving badly and for accusing her of something she didn't do. She accepted the apology but said that she considered my behaviour to be utter childishness. I accepted this remark regretfully, although what happened one second later seemed absurd to me. It turned out that my colleague passed the course of our conversation on. So absurdly I apologized for nothing. At the same time, it seems illogical to say "This conversation stays between us, I swear by the last bottle of 0rh-". I call it double morality. Nevertheless, the drama was eliminated, we agreed with my colleague that now we would only talk about the weather, possibly new shades of red blood, and with a smile, we moved on, each one in its direction. The rest of the night passed in relative peace, me pacing the dark corridors and my daydreams. And again a sensation. It turns out that there are witnesses to the event in which I took an active part, the only problem is that I do not remember anything. A big question mark appears above my head, a million questions in the middle. Do I have memory lapses or have I been sleepwalking? Or is it a mental illness, some split personality, Mr Jackyl and Dr Hyde or something? You understand, the absurdity again. Someone tells you that he saw you do something and you have a black hole in your head, nightmare! I tried to recall the described situation in my memory, I mangled the last weeks of work in a place where every night looks more or less the same. At one point, the handsome vampire in the bottling plant snapped me out of my thoughts. At the sight of my beloved, my heart sped up (yes, it happens to vampires too) and I returned to reality. I decided to go out with my boyfriend for an earlier break. I called my superiors to let them know about my plans. They didn't really like my idea, but I was stubborn. The break was nice but too short as usual. I returned to my professional activities and suddenly the Boss entered the floor, bared her fangs in a friendly smile. The cute little lady shook her finger at me and said I had messed up. I wonder what happened? I obediently followed her to the office, where justice was done. The biggest absurdity of the situation was that I kind of reported myself. If I had not informed the bosses about the earlier break, no one would have probably found out about my insubordination.

All the events described above are a figment of my imagination. The similarities between events, places and people are coincidental.


Ps. Write in the comments, do you also have such absurd adventures? Stories can be made up, like mine 😉

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