Being in London, I went to Sticks'n'sushi. As I do not go to such restaurants on a daily basis, I checked google reviews. And it really was worth it. It is not a cheap place, but I will repeat it - it's worth it! I was lucky and I got a table, but it is safest to make a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment caused by the lack of free tables. The restaurant is very popular.

The interior design is Japanese minimalism. Although all the tables were full, the service managed to maintain impeccable cleanliness. The room in which my table was located was small, but the tables were arranged in a way that kept them private.

Now let's go to the most important one, that is, to the menu. The restaurant has a rich offer of various sushi combinations and fancy cocktails, juices, spirits and drinks. I enjoyed:

New York subway: tempura shrimp, avocado & spicy sauce topped with salmon & garlic,

Crispy ebi: tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy sauce & tsume soy,

Hell's kitchen: tempura shrimp, avocado & spicy sauce topped with tuna & barbecue,

and my drink: YELLOW JUICE apple, mint, ginger & pineapple.

I recommend this place with all responsibility. 

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