Skepta and the worst pizza in the world

What's up. I think that each of us misses concerts and mass events. That is why on Thursday I remember the London concert by Skepta, which we went to in November last year. Safety procedures have forced us to wait a long time in the queue that goes on forever. When we finally got inside, we were so hungry that we immediately started looking for a buffet. The selection was small, which surprised me a lot, we were in London after all. Ultimately it was pizza, and it was the worst pizza we've ever had. However, nothing could spoil our mood. Even half an hour wandering around the facility in search of the toilet and a very long wait for putting jackets in the changing room did not spoil our mood. Finally, the moment we have been waiting for the most this evening has come. The lights dimmed, the countdown began, and finally, Skepta appeared on the stage, see for yourself.

Forgive me. I didn't record too much.

After Skepta's performance, we went to the queues again to pick up our jackets. And the drama yet. Confusion, nervous people whose coats have been lost or had numbers wrong. Fortunately, our jackets were where we left them. Skepta's concert will surely remain in our memories for a long time; I will be happy to go again whenever possible. xoxo, Jagodzianka

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