Good afternoon sweethearts. Today I would like to raise a serious topic, namely the right to choose, the right to education and the right to decide about my body. Not so long ago, in the Polish parliament, draft laws regarding the right to abortion and sex education of young people were considered. A lot was said about this, we protested from homes because it was impossible to go out into the streets. We want to have the right to choose, and kids deserve sex education. The invitro theme also caused an avalanche of debates in Poland, because it's not godly.

Why do I raise this topic? I am outraged by the fact that Polish legislation is trying to bring the country to the level of dark Russia. I do not want this post to have a political character because I do not know much about politics. I just do not understand why sex education could be prohibited. Why a woman expecting a child with birth defects is forced to give birth and thus is forced to causing suffering to herself and the child.

Sex education is essential. Very often, it is hard for parents to talk to their child about sex, it causes many difficulties and embarrasses. It may be funny for some people, but unfortunately, in many homes, sex is taboo. I was lucky because my mother and I never had taboos. My mother started my sex education when I was a child because that's when the first dilemmas in this subject appear. I had educational books about where children come from, about gender differences. When I was older, my mother gave me Michalina Wisłocka's book 'The Art of Loving'. For me, sex has never been taboo. However, I had friends who were not so lucky, and they learned about sex from myths and legends circulating among teenagers. Sex education is needed, it is crucial and does not lead to the deprivation of young people. Young people have the right to ask questions and discover their sexuality. We have no reason to prohibit access to knowledge about sex, which is something natural. I do not agree with this! Abortion is not an easy topic, the decision about it is probably one of the most difficult, but it should belong to a woman. I don't know if I would choose to have an abortion myself, but I would prefer to have a choice. I can't imagine how a woman victim of rape would raise a child who was the fruit of this crime? Would she be able to love this little creature who has the eyes of a torturer? I do not know. You don't know either. And only this woman should decide whether she wants to give birth to this child or not. Would you voluntarily agree to raise a child with birth defects preventing him from living normally? Would you condemn your child to a life of lying and not knowing that he was alive at all? I would prefer to have a choice for myself, but above all for a child whose life would be a band of suffering. I want a choice! xoxo Jagodzianka

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