My (un) female interests

Hi, I hope you're doing great. Today I would like to tell you about my interests which may be considered non-female for some. I love martial arts. Unfortunately, I have never trained myself seriously. Being a little girl, I tried to convince my mother to enrol me in karate, but unfortunately, she was adamant.

It wasn't until I was an adult girl that I started going to taekwondo training. Still, it was instead for ​​fitness. Since I studied Rehabilitation Pedagogy, I had to pass self-defence classes. It will probably not surprise anyone that I loved them. My fascination with martial arts has remained, and even though I have never become a fighter myself, I love to cheer on others. I love boxing, but I like the MMA even more.

Boxing is beautiful, but MMA is much more spectacular and versatile. I like dynamic fights the most. Stand-ups fight full of kicks and punches, battles on the ground floor are a bit boring from the fan perspective. However, it is known that for the players, this is a considerable effort. Some see boxing fights or MMA only aggression and blood, I see self-discipline, courage and humbleness.

An exciting fact number two is that I love to assemble things. Am I assembling furniture? Very willingly! Putting together home gym equipment? I'm your girl too. Also, if someone ever wanted to give me a cordless, I would immediately say that it would be a good gift. Recently, I even started to do electrics, and beware, the electricity did not shock me, and everything works as it should. I think I have a knack for it :). And now it's your turn! Do you have any (not) common gender interests? Don't be shy and share them with me in the comments. Attention, the most interesting will be rewarded! Have a nice Wednesday xoxo Jagodzianka

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