My training motivation

Welcome on this rainy Monday. I am already after training, today like on every Monday legs, buttocks, abs and cardio.

Sometimes my friends ask me "how you are doing this?" Well, I don't always want to. Sometimes it happens that you have to force yourself to train. Recently my motivation is photos scooped by my friend, my appearance frightened me, but at the same time, it made me realise what a great job I did. I admit that adding this photo is not easy for me. Fortunately, this is the past.

Now I am not ashamed of my body, although it is not yet perfect. I aim for my goal every day. I will not give up because I am important to myself.

Beloved, if I could, you too. Don't look for more excuses. If you feel bad in your body, move your ass, the form will not come to you. It requires sweat, tears and sometimes blood.

I wish to all of us perseverance!

XOXO Jagodzianka

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