My heart is beating to the music

Today it will be about music as you can already guess by the title of the entry. Music is an integral element of life for me, and although I don't create it, it is of great importance to me. I gave hip hop special love. Already in my childhood, I was fascinated by this rhythmic talking to the beat, combined with some vocals in the chorus: 2Pac, Biggie, Fugees, Snoop Dog, Eminem. And a little later Polish HipHop, which will always be closest to my heart, because it appeared when I was growing up. Liroy, Wzgórze, Caliber44, Warszafski deszcz, Zip Skład, listened on rustling cassettes, in grand secret before my mum, because they swore :).

Later, as a rebellious, pink-haired teenager, wearing baggy pants and sweatshirts, I went to the Opole Festival. I had the pleasure of listening to Ostry, Rahim and Fokus, Tede and Peja. I continued to discover this beautiful culture.

Graffiti street art that has always aroused my emotions. And I'm not talking about vandalism here, but about images, fleeting images that can occur during the creation of structure in new songs. The same is happening with hip hop music, which changes over time, because younger generations are starting to create it. Younger generations have a different view of the world.

I admit that there was a time when I stopped following the development of Polish hip-hop. I listened to what was already known to me and broadened my musical horizons in slightly different climates. In the last year for the merit of the Youngy, I had the pleasure to take on new trends in Polish hip-hop music. You can see the changes, hip hop has become different, evolved. I was drawn to this climate. I like the creativity of young people, as well as the variety of styles and stories used in their projects they share with the listener. I will share with you pieces that I have often listened to lately.

The last album by Bedoes and Lanek, a story on the border of the action film, told with music, lyrics, music videos, as well as acting. It was hard for me to choose my favourite video here because the clips are sensational. Below you will find "Vogue".

We should talk about the acting, we should mention the Godfather SBM Białas, who caused us to be the extreme emotions of his new project. Quite hard to digest, because not embedded in the pink land of tinsel, I would say almost brutal.

If we talk about difficult subjects, I need to mention Szpak. His heavy texts full of frightening metaphors, tell stories set on the border between waking and sleeping, or rather a nightmare. Sometimes art is born of pain.

Another artist who made a significant impression on me was Quebonafide. I had the pleasure of listening to Quebo at the concert and what can I say? He is a very charismatic and versatile person. His record Exoticizm captivated me, the new project is a big mystery to many people and me. In the latest video for the song Autumn, Quebo surprised everyone with his image, there was a lot of confusion about it, but I am more curious what next? And I admit that I'm waiting impatiently.

In the end, Dziarma, a girl with incredible energy and flow, which her colleagues could envy. Her last EP as sharp as Tabasco, for me the female champion on the Polish stage.

Some listeners from "my era" probably will not agree with my opinion. Still, I fell in love with these new sounds without giving up love for the music I grew up with.

As Wojtek Sokół says:

"I listen to teenagers to know what is going on

I listen to elders to understand how it was ",

Have a nice week,

xoxo Jagodzianka

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