My body my choice!

I am writing because there is something very important. Poland is the country where I was born and raised. I love Poland, but I cannot imagine returning to my country as of today. My heart is bleeding because it hurts me that my beloved Poland is a laughingstock for the whole world. The government and its medieval worldview mercilessly and stubbornly oppress the nation. The government applies propaganda of hatred against minorities, against people with sexual preferences other than heterosexuals, and now attacks women. I wonder what is going to be next. The worst part of it is that the rulers hide behind God ...

I am a believer, I was brought up in the Catholic faith. However, I have the impression that my concept of God differs from the one in which the representatives of the majority in the Polish government believe. For me, God is above all love, good and mercy. God does not command to kill, because someone calls him by a different name. God does not order you to humiliate and spit on because someone has a different sexual orientation. Love is love, no matter what form it appears in. The same God also gave us free will, and therefore the right to decide about ourselves and our body.

The decision to have an abortion would probably be the most difficult in my life, but I still want to have a choice. I do not agree with forcing women to do anything. I wonder if Godek* would like to carry a child under her heart for 9 months, who will either die at the time of childbirth or survive but will endure incredible suffering. No mother, and certainly no father, wants their child to live in pain. I cannot imagine what damage a woman's psyche can be caused by such forcing her to give birth to a stillborn child. I cannot imagine the suffering of a father waiting for the birth of his dead child.

This is not abortion propaganda, which will be like swallowing paracetamol for a headache, it is a fight for safe termination of a threatened and abnormal pregnancy. We must be aware that abortion will not disappear, it will move to the underground and therefore it will be dangerous. We are not fighting for the right to kill defenceless children, we are fighting for the fundamental right that every human being has - the right to decide for himself and his body.

I sympathize with the protesters in Poland.

Please share, lets the world know that Polish women are fighting for their rights.

*Kaja Godek - anti-abortion activist, known as well for being homophobic

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