Loved by many, the best only in Poland

Hello to all gourmands, today's post will be entirely dedicated to dumplings, and more specifically to several places in Warsaw, where I had the pleasure to eat them.

Dumplings are one of the most famous Polish dishes, and they appear both as a salty and sweet dish. The most popular are Russian Dumplings stuffed with potatoes, cottage cheese and onions.

The first place where we went with the Youngy, was a small, though charming bistro on Minska street. We ordered Russian dumplings and lemonade from a delightful lady.

What can I say it was delicious and inexpensive.

Another place we visited to enjoy one of our favourite dishes was a restaurant located in the Nowy Świat - Regional Specials. What was our choice? Ruskie and lemonade, of course. The restaurant, apart from serving delicious food, also cares for ecology and uses natural straws instead of typical plastic ones. Regional Specials can also boast of amicable employees.

At the end of our holiday in Poland, just before departure, we went to the bistro at Chopin Airport with the catchy name Polish Pierogi. Here the photo will be the worst because I remind about it halfway through the meal. The picture is not the best, and the dumplings are tasty, but not the best. What more it was expensive, but we know - the airport prices.

And now confess who is dreaming about dumplings now?

xoxo Jagodzianka

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