Live and let others live too

I am back! Probably you got used to the fact that if I have nothing to write about, I disappear for a long time. The topic that I will refer to today has been in my mind for a long time. Reading the absurd news popping out in the network, my heart feels rebellion and shame. I will write it as usual, briefly and concisely from my heart.

Today it will be about love, acceptance and respect.

I am a female with light skin colour, I have green eyes, I like boys, but I happened to kiss a girl. My blood is red just like the blood of this black man and Hindu who just cut his finger. We all have red blood, each of us has a pulsating red heart that wants love. I love Boy, oh dear, if you knew how I was crazy about him, just like those two rainbow men, crazy about themselves, or these two girls kissing passionately under a rainbow umbrella. It's Love, it's passion, it's good.

I am human and sometimes I like to throw glitter and shine at a party. This man in a wig and bold makeup also likes to shine, that's why he shines like a star and pleases my eyes.

Sexual orientation is not a disease, and if so, we're all sick of it. Homosexuality is natural just like heterosexuality. Since the dawn of time, the motives of love between individuals of the same sex have been present in the art and literature and history of our humanity. Nature has created different sexual orientations, who are we to call them abnormal? The argument that only a combination of a woman and a man gives a child, and therefore this is why heterosexuality is normal, is not enough for me. Not every love must be about procreation, because love it is a value in itself.

People are good by nature. Everyone is born clean like a white blank page. We are shaped first by the family, then by further surroundings. Over time, we learn irrational divisions, the so-called normality and abnormalities, customs and prejudices.

Beloved ones, this is not the colour of the skin, the country of origin, sexual orientation or gender that determine the goodness of a man, but how the environment shaped him, that is, we. Think about it, we create divisions, we shape future generations and we can change the world. And since we have such power, let's change it for the better. Let's change it to a place where people will not be ashamed and fear their humanity.



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