Italian flavours in my kitchen part 2

Good afternoon, today I will share with you a recipe for Tiramisu, which I used on mine Italian evening. I was preparing this dessert for the first time, and I will say immodestly that it came out delicious. I admit, however, that I made a fundamental mistake and used not the right type of biscuits.

The ingredients needed for Tiramisu are: 250 g biscuits 500 g mascarpone cheese, I used the light version 3 large eggs 50 g icing sugar amaretto liqueur in the original recipe 6 tbsp, I used more, as my beloved grandmother used to say "by eye";) 250 ml of espresso coffee pinch of salt Cocoa We brew coffee and add amaretto liqueur to it, then pour into a bowl to make it easier to soak biscuits. Then scald the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. We grate the yolks with sugar, and when we get a fluffy mass, we gradually begin to add mascarpone cheese and small amounts of liqueur. We whip whites and gently mixing, combine it with the cheese mixture. Soak biscuits in coffee and place on a baking tray, then layer the cheese mixture on it, another layer of soaked cakes. Sprinkle the dessert with cocoa or grated dark chocolate and put it in the fridge (minimum 5 hours, but I left it overnight) to make it concentrated. The dessert came out delicious, but not too frequent tasting because it likes to stay on the hips :) xoxo Jagodzianka

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