Italian flavours in my kitchen part 1

Hello dear, today I will share with you the recipes that I used during the preparation for the Italian evening.

As the main course, I served a cheeseburger pizza, and here's the recipe: 1. Cake: 250 g flour 150 ml of warm water 7 g dry yeast salt 1 teaspoon of sugar 1 tablespoon of oil I always add herbs and spices as I like: basil oregano paprika a bit of cayenne pepper We combine the ingredients and knead the dough, which then set aside in a warm place to rise Pizza toppings: 250 g minced meat pepper pickled cucumber tomato mozzarella cheese Red onion Sauce : tomato passata Garlic oregano basil pepper Fry minced meat by adding spices to it. We cut the rest of the ingredients. We mix Passata with garlic and spices. Rolled out dough should be rolled out and put on the pre-oiled baking tray. Pour the tomato sauce onto the prepared dough and spread over the entire surface. Then, layout minced meat and the rest of the ingredients, sprinkling generously with cheese. Put the prepared pizza in a preheated oven 220 C for 15-20 minutes. Serve the pizza with a hamburger sauce. Soon, I will throw a recipe for tiramisu. Have a nice day 😘 Xoxo Jagodzianka

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