To all my English speaking friends, I would like to present to you Polish HipHop, music closest to my heart. #Hot16Challenge2 an initiative of Polish rappers consisting of recording 16 verses within 72 hours. This year, the second and charity edition of this challenge, initiated by Solar and Mata. Many known more or less Polish artists have already participated. I am still waiting for a few sixteenth, namely Sokół, Dziarma, Wdowa, Young Multi, Adma, Fokus. From what I was able to establish such nominations have already been made, so I keep an eye out. It should be noted that # Hot16Challenge2 went a bit beyond the hermetic world of hip-hop and spread to non-industry creators. For now, there are a few #hot16 that I love very much. Some disappointed me, and some amused me. And now to the point. My favourite #hot16 so far are: Szpaku, who flows on the beat in his pink balaclava, anyway just click below and listen.

Tede, who in my opinion, perfectly summarized the whole situation.

Taconafide, a duo with brilliant metaphors, I love the way they play with lyrics.

Blacha, because this style sits for me :)

Bedoes with his broken heart, may he get from life what he can't buy for the money.

Mata, was the young generation inspired by Kaliber 44? I like this!

Paulina Przybysz, I have always loved Sistars, in a class of its own.

Oki, who I found out about by researching thru #hot16challenge2.

Tymek was a little disappointment for me, somehow his 16 didn't get to me, although the beat was cool. I really like Tymek's work, but that wasn't it. It's a pity, but that's the way it is. Nevertheless, listen, because your opinion may be different.

I was positively surprised by Young Igi, who is very monothematic in his texts and continuously talks about money and smoking. But here he is not bragging about the money, he couldn't resist smoking though. But its forgiven as he gave us brilliant rhymes.

As usual, Margaret showed herself from a good side.

And with this accent, I will finish the first post from the limited series #hot16challenge2. I'm going to interrogate the next sixteen, and I wish you a great weekend. Hip-hop does not divide us but connects us! LOVE XOXO, Jagodzianka

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