Cheat meal with Jagodzianka. Little Dessert Shop

I went to the Little Dessert Shop just after the session in the tattoo studio, it was supposed to be my little compensation for the pain 馃槈, but the truth is that this place has tempted me for a long time. The first thing I will mention is the interior design, I liked it very much, elegance illuminated by the glow of fancy chandeliers. It's the perfect place for a date, family time, meeting friends, etc. The Little Dessert Shop is a chain shop, I suspect that the interior design is similar in every restaurant and menu as well, but the service is certainly not. I visited cafes in Stafford, who can boast of a nice team.

The restaurant menu is dominated by ice cream desserts, pancakes, creams and various other sweets. I tempted for an ice cream dessert with a commanding name Give it to me! - delicious ice cream with topping, whipped cream, Kinder Bueno wafers and Oreo cookies. My companion ordered Fanatic Crunch - just a delicious dessert, similarly made with the addition of Ferrero Rocher. I made a bet that I would eat the whole cup, but unfortunately, I lost.

Is Little Dessert Shop in Stafford worth recommending? Sure it is!

Have a sweet Saturday,

XOXO Jagodzianka

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