Cheat meal with Jagodzianka. Little Dessert Shop

I went to the Little Dessert Shop just after the session in the tattoo studio, it was supposed to be my little compensation for the pain 😉, but the truth is that this place has tempted me for a long time. The first thing I will mention is the interior design, I liked it very much, elegance illuminated by the glow of fancy chandeliers. It's the perfect place for a date, family time, meeting friends, etc. The Little Dessert Shop is a chain shop, I suspect that the interior design is similar in every restaurant and menu as well, but the service is certainly not. I visited cafes in Stafford, who can boast of a nice team.

The restaurant menu is dominated by ice cream desserts, pancakes, creams and various other sweets. I tempted for an ice cream dessert with a commanding name Give it to me! - delicious ice cream with topping, whipped cream, Kinder Bueno wafers and Oreo cookies. My companion ordered Fanatic Crunch - just a delicious dessert, similarly made with the addition of Ferrero Rocher. I made a bet that I would eat the whole cup, but unfortunately, I lost.

Is Little Dessert Shop in Stafford worth recommending? Sure it is!

Have a sweet Saturday,

XOXO Jagodzianka

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