3 concerts in one weekend, I partying like a rockstar. Friday

Some time ago I was lucky enough to experience a crazy weekend, full of concerts. Friday's concert was not planned. I bought the tickets a few hours before the party, completely spontaneously. An old friend spoke to me on facebook and said he will perform before Tede's concert.

I quickly checked the availability of tickets, and without a thought I bought. The concert took place in a pub, the place did not delight with charm, but luckily the concerts more than the decor counts the atmosphere and sound system, and it did not disappoint. My friend Robsone was the first one who started the party quite well. Then the boys from Beat Riders picked up the scene, the first time I had the pleasure to get to know their work and admit that they impressed me.

The atmosphere was even more overtaken by DT the Artist and Steel DC, their flow and style of rap rattling the whole club to the max.

Tede's concert started with the tune, "Rainman", which is one of my favourites. When the last notes sounded on the stage came the king of the party and it was divine.

Tede presented the latest songs from the album Karmagedon, but there were also classics that brought back fond memories.

Ps. It's not over yet, another part of the crazy weekend in a week. #tbt

Ps2. As I understand that, polish music might be not popular in other countries, I will share links to YT channels so you can extend musical horizons and attach Poland in it ;)



Have a nice day  💋


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