3 concerts in one weekend, I partying like a rock star. Saturday

On Saturday around noon, we left for Leeds, where we had fun at the Quebonafide concert in the evening. Going to this concert I did not know what to expect, I admit that only recently did I get acquainted with the artist's output and I am very impressed. The concert took place in the small yet quite pleasant Eiger Studios club.

Quebo's concert attracted to the club a lot of young people who were an uneven, colourful mixture of styles. There was chaos in all of this, I have not felt that energy for a long time, everything was fueled by impatient anticipation. This atmosphere had some magic in it. Somebody came before Quebo, but I admit that more than the performance of this artist, I was absorbed by the observation of people. When Quebo finally appeared on the stage, the club was taken over by madness. At first, I felt stunned, the people around me jumped to the rhythm of the music, shouting the lyrics, somewhere water spilt from the stage, cooling those closest to the scene nicely. I do not even know when this energy took over me. It was amazing. It's like being high without any stimulants. During Madagascar, champagne flowed into the audience, my clothes soaked through him, the crowd raged. Fans did not let Kuba leave the stage quickly, they demanded more. And so again two hits were heard. Quebo and his team is magic, they charmed me. They enchanted me to the point that ... CDN #TBT Next week, the third and last part about the crazy weekend. Meanwhile, have a beautiful day, xoxo Jagodzianka

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